A seasoned professional with 12 years of experience has led the foundation of ScoutGroup and has successfully started four segments under ScoutGroup. He is also leading many social initiatives and helping many to lead their life in better way.

Mangesh Wankhade Managing Director

He had his schooling at Amravati, B.E. (Electrical Engineering) from Nagpur University, and M.Tech. Electrical with specialisation in Electron Devices Technology, Ph.D. Electrical from IIT Powai, Bombay.

Dr. Ashok Ghatol Director (Training)

A seasoned professional with more than 36 years of diverse and dedicated experience with the Indian Army. He was responsible for strategic planning, budgeting and co-ordination of ASC establishments of the Indian Army as Major General, Army Service Corps.

Maj Gen Rajiv Sachdev (Retd) Director (Operations)

A serial "Entrepreneur" seed investor with 15 years of experience, an alumni of IIT, Powai. He worked with all the major oil companies in the world before getting into Entrepreneurship. Now a founder, investor and mentor to many aspiring Entrepreneurs.

Sachin Baviskar Director (Strategy & Planning)

A mechanical engineer, co-founder of Scout Group of companies, is responsible for the innovation of the company, entitled with patents and also working with couple of international universities in the field of Entrepreneurship and Innovation.

Aubin Joe Director (Technology & Innovation)

She has strong experience in managing the end to end procedures involved in the startup ecosystem, right from the formation of the company, compliance, banking, customer relation management, marketing and sales. With immense exposure to the startup ecosystem, she played a pivotal role in the conceptualization of GIENET.

Snehal Wankhede Co-Founder

Krishna is a refined and creative graphic designer with more than 20 years of experience, he is working will major American and European client, also mentoring organisations for the end to end marketing strategies.

Krishna Sharma Director(Digital Marketing)

Juliet as a teampreneur, believes deeply in human development. She has been involved in community creation and strategic planning through her projects around the world and is committed to transform her environment with the help of her team and communities' support. She believes that the best part of entrepreneurship is that it cannot always be only about the business, it implies a complete personal journey.

Juliet Elton Co-Founder

Yeraldine is a passionate entrepreneur, her main interest is to train and transform through education, she has developed several team projects that have allowed her to know the different ecosystems of entrepreneurship in several countries, "I am sure that entrepreneurs with their creativity and innovation transform and impact the environment for good, I belong to this sector, I know what is involved and I am sure that it is the right way".

Yeraldine Steffanoni Co-Founder

Benat is an aspiring entrepreneur and co-founder of Welcome Innovation. He had been working extensively in the Chinese market for his own ventures and helping other Entrepreneurs to venture in Chinese and European market.

Benat Insunza Global Partner

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