As per 2014 population census, out of 121 crore Indians, 83.3 crore Indians live in villages, which is 70% of the total population. Nowadays a big shift is seen in rural population migrating to urban areas in search of employment, which is causing imbalance in the urban echo-system due increase in human dwellings and shortage of infrastructure facilities. Government is running many schemes like PMEGP, Product Development, Design Intervention and Packaging, Marketing Scheme, Marketing Assistance Scheme etc. however still the rural entrepreneurship programs do not see successful landings because of following reasons;

  • The Rural Entrepreneurs Particularly Do Not Know How To Synchronize Their Skills With The Market Requirements.

  • Inefficient Management for Marketing and Sale.

  • Stiff Competition.

  • Low Mobility.

  • Social Attitudes

  • Lower Ability To Bear Risk.

  • Lack Of Education

  • Low Need for Achievement.

  • Inadequate Infrastructure.

To promote rural entrepreneurship we have designed a special program RED (Rural Entrepreneurship Development), which aims to facilitate an environment in terms of training, co-working space, product development, mentoring, investments and market support.