After completing the basics like refining the idea, prototyping of product or service, arranging co-working space, investments are through or in process and you are ready to do business. Later comes the most difficult stage which 80% of the startups are not able to pass through, that is, selling the product or the service. It’s difficult because it takes time for a product or a service to gain consumer confidence unless your product or service is really disruptive. The process of establishing oneself in the market is of 10-12 months minimum. If you have not budget your finances accordingly then the startup runs a risk of burning the entire cash they have and later shut down.

  • Online Platform for Buyer and Seller.

  • Providing Our Assurance

  • Recommendations from the Known Brands Or Individuals

  • Conducting Regular Buyer Seller Meets

  • Analysis Of Market Reach for Startups

Above mentioned are the activities we will be supporting to the GIENET entrepreneurs, so that they need not have to struggle for business and their survival