As per the book, Gender and Development in India, in the context of developing countries where problems follow women entrepreneurs like shadow, they struggle, and have hurdles in every walk of life, achieving the goals of entrepreneurship. 

  1. In traditional families, women have been trained, to listen, obey, take care of family and leave the decision to the men in the family. 

  2. Family environment is generally not helpful; women entrepreneurs have to take time off from their household duties. 

  3. It is also difficult to find men prepared to work under women. 

  4. The women entrepreneurs suffer from a number of problems at the pre-investment stage, investment stage and post-investment stage. The problems mainly related to finance, raw material and marketing. Getting finance is a big problem because women generally do not have property in their name. They cannot offer property as collateral security. Banks too consider women less creditworthy. 

The risks are even more for the women entrepreneurs as she has to work in a male dominated are. The main drawbacks to women’s success are lack of experience, and inaccessibility of resources to develop the entrepreneurial skills like independence, self-confidence, assertiveness and drive.

To promote women entrepreneurship we have designed a special program iWomanwhich aims to facilitate an environment in terms of training, co-working space, product development, mentoring, investments and market support.