We provide all the services by focusing on potential entrepreneurs who wish to start their own business. You need to have a precise and viable business idea. We provide training required to run a business. We design business plans and prepare you to enter the start-up phase of your company.

  1. Skill enhancement training course

Through this program, we empower candidates to start their business. We deliver the proper training of marketable vocational skills, life-skills that would enable them to make a livelihood.

We have designed various courses for mechanics, electrical, computers, and more under the guidance of our technical experts. Following courses will enable you to learn, practice and innovate your product to start a business. 

  • SAP Training program
  • CNC Training Program
  • Programming and Database Training Program
  • Machine Tools Training Program

  1. Entrepreneurship Training

  • Two Days Entrepreneurship Crash Course
  • One-Month Entrepreneurship Development Certificate Course
  • Three Months Entrepreneurship Development Certificate Course
  • Six Months Entrepreneurship Development Diploma Course

  1. Mentoring

GIENET connect entrepreneurs and volunteer business mentors to resolve problems and build businesses together. We use the power of mentoring to grow the business impactfully. We have a unique set of mentors having profound occupational and industrial experience. Our mentors believe in the potential of mentoring to support entrepreneurs accomplish more. We navigate you through the difficulties of the entrepreneurship journey.

We provide the following support:

  • Information and Knowledge
  • Timely Feedback
  • Expedite Organizational Growth
  • Motivation
  • Devil’s Advice
  • Unbiased Opinions and Options
  • Networking
  • Experience Bank
  • Anchors
  • Trusted Advisors

  1. Product Development 

  • 3D Printing Facility
  • Prototype Development
  • IPR Registration
  • Other Technical Certifications

  1. Marketing Support 

  • Online Platform for Buyer and Seller
  • Providing our Assistance
  • Recommendations from the known Brands or Individuals
  • Conducting Regular Buyer-Seller Meets
  • Analysis of market reach for Start-ups

  1. Incubation

GIENET is speeding up the growth and success of start-up and early-stage companies to work on their ideas.

We work with different work strategy in some cases we use an actual physical space intended to foster networking among entrepreneurs and their coaches. Others operate on a virtual basis. We have potential capital to invest or links to potential funding sources.

At GIENET you will get access to the set of capital choices, and intangible benefits such as mentorship, expertise, and networking. We have built a collaborative environment where entrepreneurs can unite, coaches, investors, and pat into corporate experiences.

  1. Bootcamps

GIENET is the firm helping you if you are a first-time entrepreneur with a distinct business idea. We can help you starting from how to write a business plan till your financial needs and prospects. We are giving you the platform to discuss the weaknesses in your project and answers to your difficulties. We have a global community of innovators passionate about resolving global challenges.

We are giving you -

  • An opportunity to learn and practice leadership and innovation principles
  • The knowledge and skills so that you can work on your idea and start a new venture

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