We provide success-motivated consultancy service to small and medium-sized businesses that are preparing for eventual ownership transformations. With our expertise, we enable them to gain critical business decisions and transit their business to next levels of success. We make business plans by considering relevant market opportunities and competition.

We help our clients with the following areas:

  • Increase Earnings Through Well-Managed Strategies.
  • Business Positioning with The Long-Term Acquisition.
  • Deal with The Increasing Business Complexity.

  1. ISO Certifications

GIENET serve as the one-stop solution for all type of ISO Certification Services. We have a team of qualified, trained and skilled consultants. They are having experience in various fields and provide round the clock services to meet our client’s requirements. Being a core expert in this field, we endeavour to create and render total Quality Management Services. We provide on-line ISO consulting program suitable for any business beyond its size, sort, and place.

We will help you with the following things:

  • Quality Manual
  • Work Instructions
  • Work Formats
  • Process Flowchart

  1. Procurement Support

Procurement Support services from GIENET are intended to empower your association to reach your targets, increase your limit and abide with rising expectations. We support clients present around the globe with the competent range of acquisition activities.

We are capable of offering:

  • Supply Market Intelligence
  • Sourcing Support
  • e-Sourcing
  • Contract Management
  • Supplier Performance Management
  • Savings & Compliance Tracking

  1. PMC

Assembling a business is the most challenging part in front of business owners. GIENET amalgamate the aspirations and efforts of the different individuals together. We are the expert in developing the coordination of various segments of agencies into one harmonious unit to bypass possible time drags and stumbles.

We employ the support of latest technological potential to boost the project management. We use cutting-edge project management software, tools, and techniques to enhance the functionality of the businesses.

We offer the following PMC Services

  • Project Coordination
  • Validation with PERT/CPM
  • Construction Process Management
  • Project Handover
  • Tender Processing
  • Project Documentation
  • Bill Certification
  • Project Advisory 

  1. Project Feasibility Reports 

  • Market Analysis
  • Market Structure Reviews
  • Industry Assessment
  • Competitive Scenario Analysis
  • Business Life Cycle Analysis
  • Project Feasibility and Economic Analysis
  • Stakeholder Consultation and Engagement
  • Competitor Intelligence
  • Due Diligence and Options Appraisal
  • Capital Claims & Operational Costing Summaries

  1. International Collaborations 

  • Global Entrepreneur Meet
  • Global Innovator Meet
  • Global Incubation Tie Up
  • International Youth Exchange
  • International Investor Meet
  • International Mentor Meet
  • International Business Meet

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